Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Older version private servers

Hello, everyone!

Im a little tired of these new mu online versions, and i want old mu back. With 97d version, old items, old pvp system(no SD), level 350 cap. Its pretty hard to find that kind of servers today, and its even harder to find no reset servers. I really wanna enjoy mu again, so please, i you know any good servers, post it in comments, or send me via mail - . Ill probably make old server list, if i get enough good servers to post. And i dont want any custom items, custom models or so. Just pure 97 version servers.



Automouse2 said...

it's all about automouse2.
it's for playing mu online without sitting on the chair.

if you are intrested in
plz visit

thank you, peace! ( ^ ^)

Aigars said...


i make now 0.97d ver server with exp 100x...