Wednesday, January 2, 2008

[August 8, 2007] Season 2 Changes

New Armors:
Ashcrow (BK), Eclips (SM), Iris (ME), Valiant (MG), and Glorious (DL)

New Weapons :
Daybreak (BK), Platina Staff (SM), Albatross Bow (ME), Sword Dancer (MG), Shining Scepter (DL)

New DL Skill:
Fire Scream (Dark Lord). Skill Book Mode - Item Name: Fire Scream Scroll - Size: 1*2 (Same as existing scrolls) - Requirement for acquiring skill: Energy Stat 150, Control Stat 70 -Level drop: 102

New ME Skill:
Infinity Arrow (Muse Elf). . Skill Details - This is NOT an orb skill that drops or can be traded/sold - Added to skill tree when changing to Muse Elf, and has duration. - Cannot be attributed to another player and can only be used by owner. - During the time the skill is used, arrows do not lose any durability. - During the time the skill is used, the part that showed the number of arrows previously shows Infinity Arrow ON - can not be reused until Infinity Arrow duration is over.

Players with any PK statues can NOT enter any event.

New event:
Kanturu Event is not open yet. We want our players to prepare before going through it.

Change to Crywolf:
Kundun's Life Recovery Ability is no longer affected if Crywolf event is won.

No more lottery system before entering Chaos Castle but the rewards for winning has increased.

New potions:
SD Shield regenerating potions and Complex combined potions that regenerate HP and SD

New SD Shield is used for PvP.

The SD Shield formula:
=INT(((Power+Vitality+Strength+Energy+Command)*1.2)+((clvl*clvl)/30)+ADef). It is the same for all characters.


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